What Helped Bubba...


Many types of therapy are available with varying reviews, feedback, and success. Bubba found much success in water therapy. Strengthening muscles and muscle movements to combat nerve degeneration.


Loss of coordination from DM caused Bubba to be more clumsy. Falls and mis-steps caused shifts and mis adjustments which were reversed and treated with chiropractic care. This makes such a huge difference in week to week!


We found supplements to be an important part of keeping Bubba strong though his fight. Arthritis, Ligament Damage, and Pain are common for DM pups. We found a variety of supplements key to his day to day function and health.

Love and Support

DM is not for the weak of heart, and that means for your pup and you both, you're their rock. Some days are good, some days are not. Love, Encouragement, Support, and Understanding is key to mental health to keep going.